DIY Shea Butter Kits

Baraka Shea Butter
DIY Shea Butter Kits
DIY Shea Butter Kits
DIY Shea Butter Kits
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DIY Kit containing Certified Fair Trade Organic Baraka Shea Butter and easy recipes to make your own products.  With a link to our recipe site it is perfect for those who need Shea Butter in smaller quantities. This unrefined shea butter is processed using age-old traditional methods. This method makes it possible for Baraka Shea Butter to retain its natural moisturizing properties and ensures maximum care for all skins types. Just pure unrefined Certified Fair Trade

Recipes on back of bag and on dedicated DIY Recipe site

Why Baraka Shea Butter

1. Pure unrefined Shea butter
2. 100% handmade using traditional processes
3. No chemicals or additives
4. Quality guaranteed
5. Fast shipping
6. Community impact & women’s development support

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